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...Researching our Panitzke - Page, Shucksmith - Fleming & Smallwood - Wells Ancestors


The aim of this site is to share the discoveries we have made about our Panitzke - Page, Shucksmith - Fleming & Smallwood - Wells ancestors with family, friends and interested passers by. Currently there are over two thousand five hundred individuals featured amongst these pages, all of them connected in one way or another to our Panitzke-Page, Schucksmith-Fleming or Smallwood-Wells families.

This site predominantly presents family and individual histories and genealogies in a pedigree format which lends itself to speed and flexibility when displaying the information.

Our goal is to find as much detail of our ancestors as possible and in that process to have learned as much as we can about their lives and times and who knows, maybe a little about ourselves as well?

Should you be interested in a particular surname then use the 'Surname' or 'Names List' links provided above or at the bottom of every page.

This is very much work in progress and as we uncover more of our ancestors pasts the information will be added.

Thanks go to all those who have contributed to the research so far and we have tried, and always intend, to acknowledge all these contributions.

All details of any persons who may still be living have been removed from the tree, only their names are included.

The Panitzke family (Stephen's adoptive parent line) has descendants in Australia, Argentina, England, Germany, Netherlands and the U.S.A. The earliest recorded Ancestor is Andreas Ponetzke born about 1758 in Danzig, Prussia, a sub-state of Germany (now Gdansk in Poland). He was a maritime pilot at the port of Neufahrwasser (Nowy Port) which originally served Oliva and from 1807, as a resulting increase in trade, it was enlarged and then incorporated into Danzig. Many descendants where ship captains, ship carpenters, master mariners, dock masters, lock keepers and able seamen. So it is not surprising that their voyages resulted in descendants around the globe.
Common Surname dirivates include Panitzke, Panitzki, Ponetzke, Ponetzki, Panetzki and Boneski.

The Smallwood family (Lesley's) is also spread around the Globe. The earliest recorded Ancestor is John Smallwood, born about 1650 in Cumberland, England. There appears to be an unrelated, as yet, Smallwood family line in Yorkshire. Both these lines (Cumberland and Yorkshire) are probably descended from the Smallwood family which once lived in the township of Smallwood in the parish of Astbury in the county of Cheshire but this is currently not proved.

The Shucksmith family (Stephen's birth parent line) of Lincolnshire is also heavily featured. The earliest recorded Ancestor is John Shucksmith born about 1665 in Lincolnshire, England.

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